Keeping up with the daily cleaning can be hard work and can seem a never-ending cycle but it doesn’t have to take up all of your time and starting to keep on top of some things daily will make things a lot easier. By creating a habit for these daily chores your home will be cleaner and tidier.

1. Make your bed every day. This makes a big difference in how your home looks and only takes a couple of minutes. To make things easier minimise the number of cushions or throws you have on your bed.

2. Do one load of laundry per day. Some people leave laundry till the last minute and do several loads in one day but this then makes it a bigger chore to keep on top of.

3. Do a 20 minute nightly clean up. Waking up to a messy house is not the best start to anyone’s day. Spending just 20 minutes per evening is a great habit to start.

4. Never leave a room empty-handed. This one will eventually become a force of habit.