The UK is currently experiencing beautiful hot weather which we Brits welcome, but with this warm weather also brings cleaning challenges due to the heat. You are more than likely spending more time outdoors right now but there are still a few cleaning tasks that we recommending keeping up with during this warm weather.

Windows need to be cleaned more frequently during spring and summer and your home will seem much brighter with sparkling glass bringing in the light. We recommend to use your usual window cleaner and finish off with a hose down and squeegee to ensure a streak free finish.

Your fridge is likely fuller during the hot weather as we prefer ice cold drinks and tend to put more snacks in there to stop them from melting. You should deep clean your fridge once a week during these warmer months to ensure there are no nasties lurking.

With all the extra use your patio or decking is getting during the warmer months it’s a good idea to give it a good clean often! A hose, a firm brush and a special cleaner deigned for patios or decking is all you need to give it a good clean.