When it comes to cleaning there are hundreds if not thousands of cleaning tips and tricks, most of these are generally straightforward and normal tips such as using white vinegar to clean, well pretty much anything but there are some hacks that are pretty unusual that make you wonder if they actually work.

We have picked our top 3 unusual Coca-Cola cleaning hacks that surprisingly do work.

1. Clean your toilet using a can of Coca-Cola – this one is used to remove tough stains, simply empty a can into your toilet leave for 5-6 hours or overnight, and just flush.

2. Remove rust – leave your rusty tools or screws in Coca-Cola for 20 minutes and then wash. This should remove rust. For any stubborn rust repeat the process.

3. Descale your kettle – this one is quite is very unusual but does seem to work well. Simply pour into kettle, boil, leave to cool down, and then pour away.