Your oven is one of the worst places for accumulating hard to clean build-ups. Food can often drip or splash out and cause a right mess. It is one place, that if you use a few handy tips and stay on top of them, it won’t turn into a huge future nightmare.

• Before first use or after a good clean, line the bottom of the oven in either tin foil or an easy-clean oven mat.

• Use roasting bags to reduce splatters and spills when cooking meat, fish or vegetables.

• When cleaning and once oven is cool, occasionally use a dry soft bristle brush to brush off any caked-on food and sweep it out onto a newspaper.

• Alternatively, after cooking, put in a heat-resistant bowl of water and heat for 20 min before allowing to cool. This will loosen up any stuck-on food or grease so that once the oven is cool, you can easily wipe down the surfaces.

All of the tips will help stop your oven from getting to the point where cleaning it would be a nightmare.