Over time your washing machine can build up with grime and bacteria, especially if you wash at a low temperature. 

Keep your washing machine clean and germ-free by wiping the draws (where you put detergent and fabric softener) out with a soapy damp cloth every couple of months. Pay attention to the fabric softener part.

Run a 60C or higher service wash every three-six months. This will get rid of any mould in the machine as well as any bacteria. This wash should not have any clothes or detergent in it.

Check the washing machines filters regularly, you will be surprised what gets caught up in them.

Wipe the drum seal with diluted bleach to prevent the build-up of mould.  This should be done every few washes.

To help with the build-up of bacteria, keep the draw and door of the washing machine open slightly to assist with airflow.