Deep cleaning your sofa is obviously an important thing to do every now and then, but some people will go years before they give their sofa a deep clean. This is quite scary in actual fact, purely because of the number of germs harbouring in the sofa’s nooks and crannies, and we’d recommend you clean your sofa thoroughly each and every month. The best thing to do is to take all the upholstery off and hand wash it and use a hoover to get down any tricky corners. You can also apply a special cleaning agent if you wish, but you’ll want to let the sofa upholstery fully dry before relaxing in it again, otherwise, it may stay damp for some time. If you have a leather sofa it’s, of course, easier to clean, but either way, there should be no excuses for why you haven’t cleaned your sofa in years, we day it’s best to do it every single month!