One of the toughest cleaning issues many people have is limescale build-up. It can pile up quickly and create some very unsightly white, coarse and difficult to get rid of masses around taps and drains. If you struggling with limescale, here are some helpful tips to fight it.

• Lemon juice and vinegar (half and half) combined are one of the best solutions for cleaning off limescale. Apply and leave to sit at least an hour, or overnight if you prefer, then scrub away.

• The lemon juice and vinegar solution can be sprayed regularly on tiles, basins and taps as a limescale preventative. (Do not use solution on plated taps, such as gold and it can damage the finish)

• For kettles simply add half vinegar and half water and leave to sit overnight and scrub away the following morning.

• For dishwasher and washing machines, add a large cup of vinegar and a large cup of lemon juice into an empty machine and run a normal cycle.

• Coca Cola is also a great solution for cleaning away Limescale and especially effective for toilets.