Whether you’re a student renting out a bedroom in a shared house or a working professional renting out a house with your partner, you may be required to have an end of tenancy cleaning service. This can be stipulated in your contract, but what does this involve?

Well, in simple terms, an end of tenancy clean will be very detailed. It’s like a top to bottom of the house, so if you were a student sharing a big 7-bedroom house, you may all want to chip in to buy the cleaning package together. Generally, most companies who offer end of tenancy cleaning services will provide dusting, hoovering, carpet cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, oven cleaning, appliance cleaning, whilst windows, mirrors and shower screens will be sparkly clean too. As the complete cleaning service, you’ll be guaranteed to get your whole deposit back, as long as you haven’t damaged the rooms in any way, so it’s often well worth the investment.

You may think but can’t I just clean the rooms myself?

Well yes you can but you probably won’t have the same equipment as professional cleaning companies. The landlord will also naturally prefer a professional cleaning company came in to do the job, and usually it’s a case of their house, their rules. It can of course be a pain to have to pay out several hundred pounds to get a deep clean when you’re moving out, but the house would have been spotless when you moved in, so you should do all you can to leave it in tip top condition for the next tennant. Many cleaning companies throughout the UK offer end of tenancy cleaning services and you only have to do a quick search online to find a company in your local area. Just make sure you read through their reviews first.