Cleaning is often referred to as one of the worst household chores. It can involve vacuuming, polishing the surfaces, sweeping floors and washing dishes, but can it be enjoyable?

We think so, and in many ways, cleaning is therapeutic, making your mind feel clearer, whilst easing any worries or concerns you have. Having a clean home can make you feel more confident too, plus you’re not quite as worried about inviting guests over and socialising! To enjoy your house you have to clean, and you should try to enjoy cleaning too. It’s important to give yourself some time for relaxing after cleaning so you can enjoy your sparkly home, but just make sure you clean on a day when you’re not busy or stressed. A calm Sunday afternoon is a good day for a deep clean, and you may be surprised at how better you feel when the job is done. You can also get the whole family involved, and with a few pairs of hands, the job will be completed much quicker, but it can also bring families closer together and boost respect in the house.